Morans Main Menu

Morans is a family run restaurant and bar specialising in a delectable range of exclusive Thai cuisine, traditional English dishes, and cocktails complemented by extensive fine wine list.

Morans Thai restaurant is set in the heart of Westward Ho! North Devon just a few steps from the beach, with the spectacular views and sumptuous décor we strive to create a unique and calming ambience.

If you would like to experience Morans but don't want to eat in the restaurant you can still order your favourite dishes to takeaway. Please call us on 01237 472 070 to place your order now.

Main Menu


Garlic & Vegetable Gyozas - Gyoza Pak £7.00

Chicken Satay - Gai Satay. Marinated barbecued chicken, served with peanut sauce £8.00

Pork Ribs - Cee Crom Moo. Tender ribs cooked slowly in garlic, ginger and namprikpao £8.00

Vegetable Spring Rolls Po Pia Tod. Vegetable spring rolls, served with sweet chilli or plum sauce £7.00

Duck Spring Rolls Po Pia Bped Tod. Shredded roast duck and vegetable rolls with cashew nuts and hoi sin sauce £8.00

Tempura King Prawns Gung Tod. Lightly battered crispy king prawns, served with sweet chilli dipping sauce £8.00

Crispy Pork Belly Moo Gob. Served with sweet black soy sauce £8.00

Stir Fry

All Stir fry dishes can be adapted to be VEGETARIAN, VEGAN or GLUTEN FREE upon request

Garlic, Chilli & Basil - Pad Grapraw *** Stir fry with garlic, chilli & basil

Ginger - Pad Khing Stir fry with ginger & garlic

Sweet & Sour - Pad Pryiow Waan Stir fry with sweet & sour sauce

Black Pepper - Pad Prig Thai Dum ** Stir fry in a black pepper sauce

Oyster Sauce - Pad Nam Mun Hoi Stir fry with oyster sauce & mixed vegetables

Cashew Nuts - Pad Mid Ma Muang * Stir fry with cashew nuts & mixed vegetables

Pad Thai Noodles Rice noodles in chef’s sauce with bean sprouts, egg and roasted ground peanuts

Egg Noodles - Pad Mee Kai Stir fried egg noodles with bean sprouts

Drunk Noodles - Pad Key Mao ** Stir fried rice noodles with chilli, basil, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots

Choose either:

Chicken £12 Pork £12 Beef £13 King Prawns £13 Duck £14 Mixed Beans & Vegetables £10



Massaman Curry - Gaeng Massaman * Creamy flavourful peanut curry with tomato, onions & potato

Green Curry - Gaeng Khiao Waan *** Green curry with bamboo shoots, courgettes and basil

Red Curry - Gaeng Daeng *** Red curry with bamboo shoots, courgettes and basil

Yellow Curry - Gaeng Kahree ** Yellow curry with coconut milk, potatoes & roasted onion

Choose either:

Chicken £13 Pork £13 Beef £14 King Prawns £14 Duck £15 Mixed Beans & Vegetables £11

Plant Based Vegan Menu

Jackfruit & Vegetable Red Curry *** £11

Bean & Vegetable Yellow Curry £11

Tofu & Vegeatbles stir fried with Chilli & Basil *** £11

Mixed Vegetables Stir Fried with Ginger

Pad Thai Noodles with Tofu, Vegetables & Beansprouts Topped with nuts

Yakisoba Sesame Noodles Stir Fried with Vegetables Topped with crispy onions

Chef's Specials (Limited Availability)

Weeping Tiger * sliced matured sirloin steak cooked in garlic & black pepper sauce £17

Daily fish specials from Appledore.

Noodles & Side’s

Steamed Thai Rice £3.00

Coconut Rice £3.50

Mixed Vegetables £6

Egg fried rice £3.50

Chips £3.50

Garlic Noodles £6

Set Menus

Why choose? Try our set menu to sample our popular dishes!

Mixed Starters chef's selection of 5 starters

Chicken Cashew

Sirloin Steak Black Pepper

King Prawn Yellow Curry

Pad Thai


£29.95 per person. Minimum 2 people